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Collective is a curated community of repeat entrepreneurs and operators who join forces to learn, explore new ideas, and support each other in building their most ambitious companies yet.

Currently accepting applications for our next cohort.

Collective meeting with Ron Gura, SVP Product at WeWork

Introducing the Collective

Who can join?
Repeat entrepreneurs and operators. The best time to join is just as you decide to start something new, even if you don't yet know what you'll start or who you'll start it with.

What do you get?
Work within a tight-knit community of outstanding like-minded founders supporting each other. Enjoy programming focused on improved ideation and a shared workspace.

Who's behind this?
Collective is led by Raphael Ouzan and Ben Lang, who have vast experience in promoting initiatives supporting the tech ecosystems of Tel Aviv and NYC, including running an exclusive series of meetups for outstanding individuals about to start a new company or embark on a career transition; and by Dan Schreter, a graduate and former leader of Talpiot, Israel's most prestigious training program for technological leaders.

Where is this?
We're active in Tel Aviv today. Coming soon to New York City.

Please see our FAQ for more details.


Participants in our first cohort

Shmulik Grizim, Co-Founder and CEO, Webydo

Yotam Cohen, Co-Founder and COO, Wibbitz

Yoav Vilner, Founder & CEO, Ranky

Yohay Barsky, Software Engineering Manager, Kin

Vadim Zak, Co-Founder and VP R&D, ClarityRay

Irit Sternberg, CEO, Ekkosec

Amir Yarmush, Founder and CTO,

Tal Adler, Head of Product, Gett

Ilan Leibovich, Co-Founder and CPO, Rounds

Yoav Markiewicz, Global Head of Growth, Waze

Lior Kastel, Engineering Manager, Otonomo

Noa Danon, Head of Product, Behalf

Karin Levi, Product Maretking Manager, Google, Firebase

Arthur Vainer, Founder and CTO, Mobilize

Ron Reiter, Co-Founder and VP R&D, Crosswise

Eddie Smolyansky, Head of Research, Alibaba Israel (machine vision)


Some of the iconic thinkers, builders, and investors, who shared their insight with Collective

Or Offer
Founder and CEO, SimilarWeb

Yael Elad
CFO, Aleph

Eran Shir
Founder and CEO, Nexar

Maxine Botesazan
NBC Universal

Ron Gura
SVP Product, WeWork

Inbal Tirosh
Entree Capital

Tal Morgenstern
Partner, Lightspeed

Eden Shochat
Partner, Aleph

Coming from leading companies and funds:


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Collective meeting with Yael Elad, CFO at Aleph


Who is Collective for?

Collective is a community of repeat entrepreneurs and operators.Timing is critical. The optimal time to join Collective is just when you decide to start something new (even if you don't yet know what you'll build or who you'll be doing that with).We're passionate about keeping Collective as diverse as possible. We're committed to inclusion across gender, race, religion, age, identity and disability.Applications are rigorously reviewed by the Collective team.

What is Collective?

A community of repeat entrepreneurs and operators supporting each other in building their most ambitious companies yet.We focus on the earliest phases of ideation, where repeat entrepreneurs and operators face extremely high expectations. Collective leverages the power of a group of outstanding like-minded founders going through this challenge in parallel, to help each of us get better results.

How does Collective work?

You'll become a fellow in Collective for a three month period. During that time you'll work out of the Collective workspace, engage with your cohort, and support each other through the early phases of ideation and starting to build your most ambitious company yet.

What's the Collective program like?

Collective fosters Ideation by exposing fellows to new markets, new ideas, and new ways to ideate. You'll hear talks from top experts, founders and iconic investors who intimately share their perspective.Fellows further participate in workshops dedicated to experiencing rapid ideation cycles firsthand. These are focused on the interests of cohort members and leverage their combined experience. Research on creativity enhancement shows a positive effect of the repeated practice of idea generation. Collective customizes workshops to take place in relevant and practical contexts for maximum effect.Programming is designed to encourage strong interactions between fellows. Through working in small teams you'll bond with your peers, and get acquainted with the unique qualities and experience of each member of your cohort.On average, we'll dedicate to variable programming about a day per week. This programming, however, will be more concentrated in the earlier weeks, and lighter later in the fellowship period.In addition to variable programming, the Weekly Anchor is our structured, 90-minute team meeting. The Anchor is the time to share updates, and seek feedback and assistance from other fellows. The Anchor also supports a strong work cadence of all fellows.

What's the Collective space like?
Collective's next cohort will be hosted by our partner Start-Up Nation Central, an independent non-profit that builds bridges for Israeli innovation, headquartered in the center of downtown Tel Aviv.The Collective space is modern, inviting and beautiful, and includes work areas in an open-space layout, sitting areas and meeting space.

Collective meeting with Yael Elad, CFO at Aleph

What are the fellowship commitments?

Focus on building your most ambitious company yet - you'll be dedicated to advancing your ideation process, and avoid distractions.Shape Collective - by engaging with other members, supporting them and accepting their support. Many fellows feel the interactions with other members of their cohort decisively contributed to their ideation process.Participate in the Weekly Anchor and programming.Work out of the Collective workspace - during the fellowship period, the Collective shared workspace will be your primary office.Pay a one-time membership fee - to help cover some of our operational costs, we ask for a 3000 NIS participation fee.

How does the application process work?

Apply here. You'll receive email confirmation once we start processing your application, usually within one business day.Applications are rigorously screened by the Collective team. Following screening, members of our team will conduct detailed interviews with the most relevant applicants.We'll be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, and recommend applying early. The final decisions, however, will only be made once all applications (submitted on time) are processed.Collective cohorts are small, and there are many great applicants we are forced to reject due to the limited number of spots. Applicants who were previously rejected and are interested in participating in a later cohort are therefore more than welcome to re-apply.All applicants will receive a response to their application.

What are the screening criteria?

The Collective screening process has two purposes - to ensure we accept the best possible applicants, and to ensure Collective will be a good fit and provide them immense value. Some criteria therefore focus on who you are, while others focus on context.Experience is a must have - Collective is a community of repeat entrepreneurs and operators. For an entrepreneur, this means you (co-)founded at least one start-up that either raised capital or was cashflow-positive, and operated over a significant period of time. For an operator, this means you've served in key-roles in startups over a significant portion of a start-up's life cycle. You stand out due to the unique role you played, the quality of your performance, and\or the breadth of your experience.Your timing is right - so Collective can meet your needs. This means you're already committed to starting a company, but you're still looking for ideas, and open to a wide range of possibilities. Most fellows don't have co-founders at this stage, but that is not a criterion.Your goal is to build something BIG. We leave the definition of BIG to you, but if you're not hungry and ambitious, Collective is not the right place.Collective's collaborative, community-centered approach matches your work style and preferences.You're available to fully participate in all parts of the program (see fellowship commitments above).

What are the dates and deadlines for applying to the next cohort?

Collective's next cohort opens on October 27th, 2019, and ends on January 23rd, 2020.Applications are currently open, and close on September 10th, 2019.Applicants will receive responses by September 26th, 2019.

What are the values of Collective?

World-class fellows: the collective is as good as its fellows.Outstanding quality: starting with the fellows, including speakers, partners, sponsors, the Collective workspace, etc. Every part of Collective inspires excellence.Community-first: fellows help each other bring value to the community.Valuable to the ecosystem on which it relies: While Collective is by nature exclusive, we strive to provide value to stakeholders in the larger ecosystem.

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